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January 2, 2019

AvaDent and Carbon Collaborate to Offer Validated Workflow for Digital Denture Solution

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Sept. 27 – AvaDent, The Digital Denture Innovations Company, today announced a new, simple, validated digital denture solution in collaboration with Carbon.

Tim Thompson, President and Chief Executive Officer of AvaDent, commented, “3D printing in the dental community is growing rapidly for many reasons, and AvaDent is very pleased to announce our collaboration with Carbon to provide design services to dental professionals that wish to use 3D printing in their workflows. AvaDent’s Platform Technology is the market leader for removable prosthetics, and our commitment to innovation and product development enables us to provide dental professionals with solutions for advancing dentistry and improving patient care. This collaboration aligns our strengths and shared mission in the dental industry and will bring robust printing solutions to the dental professional.” 3D printing denture

Brian Ganey, General Manager of Carbon’s Dental Business, commented, "We are thrilled to work with AvaDent and offer a simple and intuitive digital denture validated workflow.  It is strategically important to address this growing market and continue to optimize and expand on the validated solutions for Carbon and the digital ecosystem as a whole."

AvaDent is the first to introduce a digital prosthesis using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). CAE goes far beyond mere CAD/CAM fabrication by developing sophisticated, scientific algorithms to create a comprehensive digital platform. This digital platform drives a level of control and consistency never before possible while ensuring that all clinical protocols are met.

Carbon offers a revolutionary alternative to 3D printing, fusing light and oxygen to rapidly produce products from a pool of resin. Its Digital Light SynthesisTM (DLS) technology, robust and reliable 3D printers, and unique programmable and biocompatible liquid resins deliver a complete solution for all dental production needs. Carbon’s complete solution is transforming manufacturing in the dental industry, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy, reducing time from design to manufacture, and providing important features such as part traceability and serialization through next-gen software design tools. With Carbon, everything is digitally traceable, down to a unique ID that can automatically be engraved or embossed on any part. This unique ID can be used to identify the digital historical record of the part, including identifying the specific printer, resin, and even post-processing protocols that were involved in making that part – which is incredibly valuable for highly regulated industries like dental, where the FDA will increasingly require part-specific data to ensure product performance and patient safety.

“AvaDent and Carbon complement each other well, and together they will propel digital dentures into the ever-changing dental industry and push the limits of what is possible with digital prostheses,” commented Jerry Kaizer, CDT of Murray Kaizer Dental Laboratory.


About AvaDent:

AvaDent Digital Dental Solutions offers a full line of treatment options including dentures, overdentures and fixed hybrid solutions and is owned by Global Dental Science LLC (GDS), a dental innovations company dedicated to improving dental procedures and outcomes through Process Automation. GDS world headquarters is located at 15730 North 83rd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. For additional information call 855-AVADENT (282-3368) or go to

About Carbon:
Carbon is a Silicon Valley-based company working at the intersection of hardware, software, and molecular science to deliver on the promise of digital Manufacturing. The company empowers its customers and partners to evolve beyond using 3D printing for basic prototyping to producing at scale by revolutionizing how they design, engineer, make, and deliver their products. With Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ technology and its SpeedCell™ system (M Series printers and Smart Part Washer), manufacturers can unlock new business opportunities such as mass customization, on-demand inventory, and differentiated products made with unique functional materials. Carbon's solutions also provide substantial operational efficiencies, such as the elimination of tooling costs and decreased time to market. To learn more, visit

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